Friday, November 7, 2008

birthday season

The last two weeks have been busy, but busy with fun, mostly. The week of Halloween I was on vacation. Steve and I went up to Mount Hood and had a secluded cabin on a river. Unfortunately I spent half of the vacation with a stomach flu, so that really sucked. Still, it was nice to be laying around a nice comfortable cabin with the sound of the river and Steve, who took good care of me. Here are a couple images from one of the days when I felt better. We took a little trip to Trillium Lake

I couldn't get over the patterned ring around the lake from the trees and the reflection of the trees. It looked like an ornamental loomed belt or something. I took about 30 pictures like this.

Then Wednesday was my birthday. I took off the rest of the week and have had a grand time, just spending time with people, eating amazing food and I even went and got a massage and The Dragontree.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my mom by going to Myrtles Tea House and Herbery in Washington. It was totally the kind of thing I like to do and seldom do. It was really good and lots of fun. I just love all the little sandwiches and tea with cream and sugar. I had a special Earl Grey tea.

Across the street from the teahouse is a really neat old church. I walked around and took lots of pictures on the grounds.

The whole place was like some shabby chic photo shoot. I have no idea what this huge Knight is all about.
So, now I have a couple days before I go back to work to try and clean up from all this fun. I am also hoping to get some pillowcase printing done, too. Hope you all have a good weekend!


Emerald Arts said...

Happy Birthday :)

I really like your photos. Not sure what is going on with the Knight either, but he looks way too tall for the pagoda he is in.

PonyBoy Press said...

Thanks! I know, huh? It is a little odd. :-)

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