Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vintage Color Palette - Souvenir from Moro, OR

Vintage Color Palettes - Souvenir from Moro, OR - more info and Hex codes on Ponyboy Press blog. Follow VCP on Pinterest.

This vintage color palette is from a postcard that was sent from a small town in Central Northern Oregon in 1909. Written on the back it just says "Well, did you get this?"  It was sent to The Dalles, OR.

It's a lovely and unique postcard with an interesting combination of hues. The hex color are from top to bottom: f6bbba, f4454f, fdde53, 759552.

If you like a vintage palette you can use it to make patterns and backgrounds or use it as the basis for decorating or web design. Just for fun I quickly made a background on Colourlovers from a pattern someone else designed. Here it is as a background for this image:

A background made from the Vintage Color Palette Souvenir from Moro, OR

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