Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vintage Color Palette - Yamato Bros. Co.

Vintage Color Palette - Yamamto Bros Co. See blog for hex codes:

This is a beautiful vintage color combination from this unique piece of advertising scrap. The company who distributed these was Yamato Bros. Co, in Kobe, Japan. I am guessing this is from around 1910.  Can you read Japanese?  I'd love to know what it says.

The hex codes for these colors is from top to bottom: f8b4c3, a7b15f, ce3041, 296e8f.

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Unknown said...

I translated what I know from my studies here. I hope it helps a little bit. :) The rest is all kanji that I am not familiar with yet. I mostly read in hiragana (the more common form of Japanese.)

like to translation:

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