Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vintage Color Palette - Gems U.S.Postage 1974

Vintage Color Palette - Gems U.S. Postage 1974 - see blog for hex codes -

I really don't need more things to collect. Believe me. However, I have recently gotten into stamps much more than I have been. Last weekend I went to a vintage paper show and mostly brought home a lot of vintage postage. I absolutely fell in love with these unique gem postage stamps from 1974. I adore the color choices they made and that they are designed to be used on the point like shown below:

Dreamy, right? So, back to the colors. Such a great choice here. The purpley grey, the seafoam blue/green and the unique pink and purple used all create a really interesting palette. If you like the combo, too, here are the hex color codes so you can use them in a project. Hex color codes are from left to right: a09294, bfe1db, f36a78, a16fad

Friday, June 3, 2016

Vintage Color Palette - 50 Jahre Postauto in Österreich

This pretty vintage color palette comes from a 1957 postcard celebrating 50 years of the automobile in Austria. I love this illustration and the choice of colors used. I did some research and found other postcards and stamps commemorating the same thing. These illustrations are so great.  See below for images I found on the internet. I believe that artist for the postcards is Atelier Harnisch.

The hex color codes for this VCP are from left to right: 9bd6d7, e47ec3, 678a9f, 89873f. Not sure what you can do with these? Use your VCP of choice to design web colors, logos, patterns, room colors, any design or color work. Want to get more ideas. See this post on Using Vintage Color Palettes.  Find more by clicking on the tag or on see our Vintage Color Palettes on Pinterest.

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