Wednesday, October 31, 2007

back from the woods

My trip to Leavenworth and the lake nearby was awesome. You can see some pictures on my other blog. I will be posting more as the week goes by.

Leavenworth is a Bavarian town and the Bavarian styles and motifs are all of woodland creatures and trees and mountains. It is all right up my alley, but also incredibly trendy these days as well. Lots of places had bears, owls, antelopes, squirrels and trees on the walls, signs, and everywhere! It was pretty cute.

Squirrels, pine cones and acorns have always been something I have collected. They were popular motifs in the 4o's and I have always liked them and have quite a bit of these designs in my home. Now, suddenly they are all over the place, especially the squirrels. I am sad to find that I am getting a little over the little guys as a design motif.

Foxes seem to be getting more and more popular. I like them too (especially since many of my boyfriend's nicknames for me are different versions of fox). But, as they get more and more popular I am afraid I will become a little jaded about them too.

Here are some recent ones I have noticed and liked. (teresebast, magicjelly, tarahogen)

I have been noticing for some time that I am attracted to ship motifs. They seem to be showing up more now, too.

From twoguitar

I don't know why, but I have always been hyper aware of these kinds of trends. Maybe my overload of these things is really just that I am looking at Etsy too much. Could that be it? ;-7

Monday, October 15, 2007

lake house vacation

On Saturday I am going on a much longed for lake house vacation. Wednesday is the 4 year anniversary for my Boyfriend and me. I have been looking forward to this week for sometime.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and I feel like a crap sandwich. This is really bumming me out.

I am going to feed myself vegetarian Tom Kha soup and Airborne and hopefully get over it soon.

I am even going to attempt to work from home this week, because I am near the end of the biggest project I have even done at work. Yeah, this is great timing.

Anyway, in case I don't make it to these pages again before I go, I just want to tell you I will be out for a while, visiting apple orchards, sitting by the lake and eating German pastries!

We are going to a lake cabin near the Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington

This is the dock to the lake in the back of our rental house. I can't wait! The fall colors are going to be so gorgeous, too!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

French Lessons

I added some magnets to the shop tonight. More to follow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

kid crafts

Well, looks like I finally got the feed to work and you live journal subscribers just got a whole slew of them. Sorry about that. I am glad it seems to finally be working!

I so want to get to crafting, but things keep getting in the way. I will probably start printing when I get back from vacation, which is the week after next. But, before then I am hoping to get some new magnet sets up!

I love buying things from kids when they are being all entrepreneurial and stuff. At the Stumptown Comicfest a couple weeks ago I got some drawings from this kid for a dollar each. His table was a mass of drawings, all with the erased lines showing and stuff. They are great. A couple years ago I got some comic zines from another kid at the zine symposium. (If i were really together I would have them all scanned and ready to go for this entry, but I am writing this on my lunch break and I am just not that together!)

Last night I got a pocket fairy in the mail from this 8 year old girl, Libby, who sells on Etsy. They are all different, with different names and they all have secret superpower you find out when you get yours in the mail! Of course I had to get one. Here is my pocket fairy:

Her name is Morning Dew and her secret power is........*contentment*

The best!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a few new postings

I just got some new fat posi buttons

And added some things to The Cedar Chest. I really like the way this picture turned out.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Top Ten Indie Favorites

I did the Top Ten Indie Pixx on Indie Fixx and it was posted today. Go check out my favorites!

And if you came here from Indie Fixx, Hi there! Please take a look around.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October Sampler

I will have zines in the October Sampler, which means....I will get one! I am so excited. I always love the pics they take of the stuff I send the The Sampler. They do such a nice job.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A new Etsy Store

I have been working for over a week to create this new Etsy shop of mine, where I will sell off vintage items, ephemera and craft supplies from my own collection. I feel like it is finally stocked enough to let you know about it. There is SO much more to add. Here is some of what is in stock now:

Sharing is Caring