Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vintage Color Palettes - La Valencia Hotel

Vintage Color Palettes - La Valencia Hotel - Ponyboy Press

I got a new Vintage Color Palette for you today. This one is a postcard from a La Jolla, California hotel - La Valencia Hotel.  The Hotel still exists and is quite grand and beautiful. The picture below is the closest I could find on the website to this spot. The tile is the same at least.

Wouldn't you just love to have a lemonade and a shrimp salad at this lovely vintage scene. I just love the avocado green and the slightly acid yellow. The seafoam green (or blue, whichever your slant) and the dusty salmon definitely make this a combo you don't see around today.

The hex colors for this palette are from left to right: 799661, eadb69, a7c1bc, e4a18d Wondering what you can do with them? See this post on How You Can Use Vintage Color Palettes.

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