Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is it August Yet?

I have been deep in the writing and editing of my new issue of Figure 8 or feeling guilty about how I should be working on it. It is true there is a lot ot do and only a couple weeks to do it, but I will make it!

In between working on the zine I have been going to the farmers market weekely, I got to go shopping at the new Portland Ikea before the rest of the town and I have been swimming.

Yep, it is summer. The last 7 summers of my life have all been like this. Consumed with getting a zine done in time for the zine symposium. Deadlines work good for me, especially this one and the zine symposium is so much fun! Between, making zines and swimming and eating lots of berries, life right now feels a lot like summer camp. My own private summer camp!

This all reminds me of these really neat photos you can get on the Etsy shop, Liasynthis. I think this is a great concept and works really well. Especially when the cut-outs are actually outside.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In Heaven there is No Heat

Just when I was getting ready to make this post a Lavender Diamond song came on my Pandora titled "In Heaven There is No Heat". I don't know if she meant this as a good thing, but it sounds great to me! It has been 100 degrees here in Portland for the last couple of days. It is pretty hot. How do all you summer-lovers like it now, huh? I enjoy summer more now then I used to, thanks to the a/c units in my windows, mostly. But, one of the things I like most about summer is that fall is next!

I got some good work done on the new issue of Figure 8 last week, but it was all first drafts. I have a lot to do! It is always down to the wire like this. The Zine Symposium as a deadline works well for me.

Of course, I would much rather be on nice breezy island with a bunch of animals I could hang out with. That is what it is like in Thistle Town everyday! Thistle Town Studio exists on Vancouver Island and there are lots of adorable little friends there. At Christmas, I gave one of these critters, a lion, to a very nice baby I know. I am waiting for the right one to come over to my house. Maybe this cute little otter?

Or this sweet little fox?

Hope you all stay cool!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer Retreat

I just spotted this very cute vintage mug on Etsy. It agree with it and am planning on trying to do some of that this extended weekend. I will be off for the next five days and would like to have some lunch time chats with some people, some sandwhiches and tea maybe. I don't get enough of those.

Mostly what I want to do with this time is work on my zine. I am trying to get a new Figure 8 done for Portland Zine Symposium and am quickly running short on time. I am going to think of these next five days as a sort of writers retreat in my own house, along with seeing some friends, going grocery shopping and going to a wedding!

Hope you have an nice holiday!

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