Tuesday, June 30, 2009

be your own person and do your own thing

I love this old ad that CathyofCalifornia posted on her blog. This is the kind of thing I would have totally gotten into if I had seen it as a kid. I loved the introspective sensitive natural girl thing and was looking for any reason that it was okay to be one......actually I still am.

Can you imagine a kid responding to an ad like this today...well, some might, but it would never get made.

Meanwhile, because I like to be my own person and do my own thing, I caved into societal pressure and joined Facebook. Add Ponyboy Press to your Facebook freinds.

I mean if you want. No pressure.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunny days and cocktails

This weekend has been so beautiful. Sunny and warm, but not too hot. Yesterday I spent the day with my 28 year old nephew sitting out in the sun and puttering around the house. He had a party to go to later that night where there was a cocktail contest. So, we took a trip to the store and got some ingredients to make some invented cocktails. Running into a friend at the liquor store who always makes amazing food and drinks led us to mango and cucumber as an idea.

By 5pm we were feeling pretty good and ended up with something pretty decent. I think this is a great brunch cocktail. Pulpy and refreshing. The basil was the key ingredient, that really pulled it together. This would probably work good with other juices. Strawberry...watermelon...

Power Lunch cocktail

2 cups Mango Lemonade
1/2 cucumber, peeled and shredded
3 shots vodka
2 large basil leaves in blender

Blend all in blender

Tear up one large basil leaf and mix in

Pour over ice or use in shaker with ice
Garnish with basil leaf

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the plant plant

I have been keeping up with the collage work at Scrapatorium for a short while now and I just love everything she does. Her collage is witty and has that kind of flow that is often missing in collage.

This image is one of my favorites and not just because it is beautiful and perfectly done, but also because when I see it I hear Jerri Blank from Strangers with Candy say "I wanna work at the artificial plant plant"

If you are a Strangers with Candy fanatic like I am, you are totally smiling right now. If not, I apologize.

I love this piece. See more of her work, here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

fun and games

Today I spent a very pleasant day with part of the family for Father's Day. My 28 year old nephew is in town and he and I went out to my parents for the afternoon. Last weekend they taught us this new game called Sequence. It is pretty fun. You play in teams. My nephew and I were winning so amazingly, it was puzzling. Every time it seemed so easy to win. My mother didn't want to stop because she wanted to win a game. We must have played 20 games. They won once. We just had some crazy luck on our side or something.

Friday night after work I took a lovely drive out to Sauvie Island which is about a 15 minute drive from where I work. I love the farmland island landscape. It was so beautiful. I got a bunch of strawberries. Strawberry season is ending soon, so I wanted to get a lot. Not, sure what to do with them all now. Think I will freeze some. Any favorite strawberry recipes you want to pass on?

My hydrangea plant is doing great this year. It is so pretty. I got it from Trade Joes a couple years ago and replanted it. This is the first year it has blossomed. I think there must be a lot of lime in our soil, because the flowere were not such a dark pink before. Did you know you can change the color of your hydrangea flowers by putting different things in the soil to change the soil pH?

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

some igoogle action

So, this might be one of the dorkiest posts I have written.....okay, well, we know it isn't and it won't be, but let's pretend it is.

Have you seen the new igoogle Showcase. It shows you celebrities igoogle pages and it gives you the links to put any of the widgets they have on their page on yours - or - you can just add on a whole other tab on your blog to have their entire igoogle page set up.

I wish there were more celebrities that I related to on it, but I did create a tab for Martha Stewart's page and Seth Godins page, just for kicks.

I also was inspired by Ashton and Demi to have Twitter and Facebook on my igoogle page, I mean really, why hadn't I thought of that?

The Martha Stewart one is kind of neat. I took off some of the feeds she had, but I like looking at her Martha Stewart theme and her other widgets.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, June 7, 2009

my custom quilt

Here is a photo of the quilt my mother made for me. I requested it for my birthday and Christmas present last year. I had a hard time finding some of the right fabrics for it, so it took a while to finish it. I had a strong vision of what I wanted.

Since I moved into this place about 3.5 years ago, I have been slowly making my room over into a yellow and green room. I originally wanted it to be more vintage, but it was too hard to find the particular vintage daisy/fern look I had in mind. This quilt is the major piece that brings it all together. I love it! There were some fabrics my mother wasn't sure about and I had to fight her on it, but when she saw it in my bedroom, she admitted I was right and it looked perfect.

I am pretty pleased with it. I chose a simple yellow gingham for the back. I decided the stitching would look better on it and the gingham would look less dated. The stitching that is on it is in different leaf shapes.

I love it so much. My favorite gift ever from my Mom. She put so much work into it and we worked together on it since November. Thanks, Mom!

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