Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - All Your Way with Flowers

Vintage Color Palettes - All Your Way with Flowers - dark teal, orange, green, taupe

This is such a lovely, dusty, melancholic color palette from a poetic postcard from 1908. The dark teal color of the forest with the orange twilight (or maybe sunrise) hitting the trunks and making it all glow and in front a bundle of, what are those, lillies? They've been left there, bundled in twine, adding more to the story. And the verse on the front:

Time that with noiseless foot keeps step with you
Strew all your way with flowers

The postcard was printed in Germany, sent from Racine, Wisconsin to Clinton, Iowa on April 15th, 1908. The colors here are different than what you see now, at least in this combo. The hex color code numbers are from top to bottom: 447065, f28146, 94bf8c, b68a5e

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zine Love for Valentines Day

This Saturday I will be participating in the mini-zine fest that is AmaZine Day at the IPRC in Portland.

You should come by and shop for some zines and little handmade valentine gifts. You can also learn how to make a one page zine - a perfect valentine for that special friend. There will be readings and snacks, too.  Hope you can come by!

Are you starting to think about homemade Valentines for your beloved or best friend? Here's an idea. A few years ago I made a sort of mini-zine for the mister.

I used vintage wallpaper as the cover and hand wrote each page. It was pretty cute and fun to do.

I also have a Pinterest board full of Valentines ideas. Take a look at that if you need some inspiration.

And rounding off the zine love theme, I want to point you in the direction of this lovely post from Magpie Librarian who recently got a Figure 8 Body Love pack. So fun to see stuff like this. Thanks for the post, Magpie Librarian.

And just to round it off, I do have a nice selection of vintage Valentines in The Cedar Chest shop.

Happy Valentine Scheming!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - Monarchs of New York City

This vintage postcard shows a unique sophisticated color palette from around 1940. The R.C.A. building is now known as the G.E. building, the home of NBC and Rockefeller Center.

The hex color codes for this palette are from left to right: f7d35e, c4c1c1, df382d, f5b363

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