Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vintage Color Palettes - Happier Holidays

Isn't this just the dreamiest mid-century holiday scene. I love this beautiful little advertising brochure for the Taylor Wine Company. You can see more of it on my blog post at The Cedar Chest. Pink was a real popular color for Christmas in the late 50's and early 60's. 

The hex color codes are from top to bottom: e53e71, f687a3, 8db2c1, 803f63

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fat Positive Gifts and Cards - from Vintage Postcards

It's hard to find art and products that show illustrations or images of women who aren't thin. I've written about this before and how I think it's really important to seek out fat positive body images and display them in your space. I decided this year to add to the small amount of offerings of fat positive images and since I am no artist, I decided to use my collection of vintage fat postcards.

I've been collecting fat comic postcards from the 1900's to the 1950's for many years now. There are many that are negative (most of these I don't buy), but also there are many that I see as positive. Postcards with sexy fat ladies with pin-up looks or smiling happy fat folks with positive messages. Did they mean them positively? I choose to think that they did. Usually the fat people are happy and sexy and the people around them seem to enjoy their company. These all seem to point to a positive message.  And you know, even if the artists who drew these images were trying to be negative, I don't care -  I am claiming them with pride as fat positive messages from the past! I refuse to think that vintage postcards that talk about the virtues of having more of a large lady to love was meant as anything other than the truth.

I've created a small line of cards and gifts using these vintage images. You can get greeting cards, magnets or prints (matted or unmatted) in the shop now. You also have the option of choosing which cards or print you want.  I hope you enjoy this collection of vintage fat images and that they can give your day a little lift.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Crafty Item in Shop - "You're so good lookin'"

I've had this project in mind for almost a year now and I finally did it. It was fun to break out the gocco printer again. If you're not clear on why these hankies have this saying on it, let me me explain.

In a Seinfeld episode called "The Good Samaritan" George gets in some trouble for saying "God bless you" to a married woman who sneezes. While they are discussing it, Jerry says 

"If you want to make a person feel better after they sneeze, you shouldn't say 'God bless you.' You should say 'You're so good looking!'"

So, with this episode in mind (Um, yeah, I watch a lot of old sitcoms) I did some printing on these vintage handkerchiefs. It's a great inside joke for any Seinfeld friend and just a nice compliment for anyone. They can keep in their pocket or hang on the wall. Many of the hankies are so pretty it's a shame to hide them. You can find them in the shop now.

I hope you all like them, too. It's been so long since I've made a craft to sell, I'm nervous about it! 

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vintage Color Palettes - Sheridan Road

Sometimes when I'm doing some task I come across a postcard that overwhelms me with the colors and I have to do a vintage color palette right away. That's what just happened to me when I found this linen postcard from Sheridan Road, a road that goes through many towns along Lake Michigan.

We've had lots of yellow and oranges this fall here in Portland, But, I haven't seen as many reds. Still it is, of course, beautiful. This color palette is the quintessential fall palette, the vintage part of it is the colors are a little dustier, a little different from what you would see now. If you're interested in the hex code numbers, they are from left to right: bb3610, d5c122, 8c2f2b, 455c2e

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