Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is a great month for...

From one my favorite books when I was a tween. You can see more about it on September's entry.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more german grocery store goodness

I am very fond of German folk design and German food (sans meat). A couple weeks ago the mister and I went to The Berlin Inn for breakfast. And afterwards we visited the little German grocery store and deli next door. They always have Kinder Surprise Eggs there. They are a Chocolate hollow egg with a capsule in it that has a toy. The chocolate isn't that great. The toys are pretty fun. They aren't cheap, like 3 bucks each, so I don't always get them, but I couldn't resist when I saw the cute little house.

This seems to not actually be a Kinder Egg, but maybe a Russian version of it. Hard to tell since I can't read Russian. Is this Russian? {Hey I just found a mention of these as Russian Kinder Eggs on this candy blog. Oh my gosh and here is the whole collection. I totally got the best one, although those bears are cute.}

It has a lot of Bavarian style to it. The design of this one is way better than most Kinder Eggs I have seen. The egg tasted exactly the same. I loved the little toy inside and had lots of fun taking photos of it.

This also was inside:

I also got this mustard there and it is so very good. It has some horseradish in it and I love it and the tube is great. Why don't they do this in America? I even love the design on this. Mmmm mustard.

Monday, September 21, 2009

lemon tea

You all know how much I love a tea party. Here is a beautiful tea that was put together by Merrilee of Mer Mag blog. It was all done in yellow and black. She named it a Moody Mod Summer Tea. I love the color scheme and the invites.

These pictures make me wish I could not work and fill my cabinets with plates and table settings in many different colors and have different themed tea parties for all my friends every week.

So pretty.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

stay gold

Golden Girls Season 1 on DVD = $10.49

"Miami, You've Got Style" A Little Golden Girls Book = $7.00

Reading the book along with each episode = priceless

Unfortunately, the pics in the book are not in color like these samples from the website, but if you are watching them or familiar with the show it isn't that big a deal.

Totally fun to read this as I watch the show. I am taking my time doing it and am about halfway through.

The authors are two very funny Portland guys who sold out of this zine/book at the last zine symposium. Not only do you get comments on GG outfits and characters, but you find out quite a bit about them, too, along with generous references to Portland culture, Harry Potter, Star Trek and lots of other geeky things.

Get the book
(and the dvd). It is like gathering around a totally too small table and eating cheesecake with your best friends.

Your hosts:

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September is the best month for....

When I was a tween my Mom brought home this book that was a collection of Glamour's How to Do Anything Better features. It was filled with advice and ideas for a young woman's busy life.

I didn't realize it at the time, but this book really shaped how I imagined adulthood. It was filled with things like, how to dress for a party, party themes to have, how to pot plants, deal with landlords, make your own Christmas gifts, how to make halter tops out of old jeans,how to choose the right tennis balls, how to cut split you can see it really did show you how to do anything better. So, besides the promise of a better more organized adult life filled with party problems to solve and dating outfits to make, the book was also filled with perfect 70's adorable illustrations by Durell Godfrey.

When I open this book now it is like I just finished reading it cover to cover. I know it so well. Young adult life was never as charming as this book led me to believe, but I don't hold it against it. I still love this book and the way it makes me want to do things better. I just realized that this book probably also had a lot to do with my crafty leanings. There are tons of projects in here, usually recycling stuff.

Glamours How to do Anything Better Book also had a feature for each month and what it was a good month to do. I have been wanting to share this book for a while. I decided September, which has often felt like the beginning of the year in a way to me, would be a good month to start. So, I will post each month every month this year and also some other great articles from the book.

Hope you have a nice September. What is September a good month for you to do?

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