Friday, June 21, 2013

Body Positive Printable

Boy, I am getting some stuff done this week. As Clutch would say "I'm kicking life's ass". You know how there are some things on your list of things to do that are easily pushed aside for other things? I'm getting to some of those this week and it feels good.

Right now what I have is a printable 5x7 body positive inspirational print for you.  In 2005 I created issue #3 of Figure 8 zine (currently out of print). I made the subtitle and theme "The most revolutionary thing you can do is love your body".  I kind of doubt I'm the first one to say it, but through the zine the message reached a lot of people and I was happy to see the enthusiastic responses.

So, now, it's 2013 and I still print and sell some issues of Figure 8. I wanted to revisit that phrase and create a printable or postable image for your online outlets (click on it to go the flickr page with the large printable file).

I still believe this, but I might rephrase it if I was writing that zine now. Love is a word that can be easily dismissed or trivialized. We use it so much in so many ways. What we really need to have a revolution is to completely and utterly accept our bodies as they are - as is. And of course, this is what true love is, but, like I said, I think it is easy to forget this sometimes when throwing the word love around.

So, can you imagine it? Can you imagine if all women, men and children everywhere (or even just in this country) simultaneously no longer cared about their looks and their size? What kind of energy would people have left over for themselves and others if they are no longer hating themselves or trying to fit themselves in a mold that is not their size? And what would they do with that energy? Perhaps they would help other people more. Perhaps they would exercise for fun and eat what their body craves naturally and not what is morally acceptable.  Perhaps they would save lots of money and have more time to think about things other than what their body looks like. And, even more exciting - with this lack of judgement on themselves people would no longer judge other people on looks or size. Can you imagine the ramifications of that?

I hope you'll print this up or pin it on your Pinterest board. Share on your social media networks and when you do think about and share one thing that you can see happening if people could all finally and truly accept and love themselves as they are. <3 p="">

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - Worlds Fair - Expo 1974

vintage color palettes - vintage expo fun and entertainment 1974 worlds fair - ponyboy press

I love these colorful, oh so 1970's style illustrations that were used for the 1974 World's Fair Expo in Spokane, Washington. The color combos are pretty great and definitely vintage. 

I listed these three postcards (there is 1 other one) on the Etsy shop today.  

Are you a bright colors person? Do you love these? How would you use these combos?

vintage color palettes - washington state pavillion world expo 1974 - ponyboy press

Thursday, June 13, 2013

You are Invited to Be Who You Are - Free Inspirational Printable

When I was a teenager in Southern California I picked up this postcard somewhere. Maybe at Pier One or maybe at some head shop or natural foods store by the beach. I have no idea. But, I have had it up on my walls most of the three decades that have followed. I taped it up so much that the back has had most of the paper torn off. All I can tell is that the last name of the photographer was King and it was printed in 1982.

I love everything about this postcard. The quote, the torn paper which is a broadside from 1967 printed in Boston, the glimpse of another flyer on the side, the wood wall.  Interesting that one generation made this broadside. Then someone sold a photo of it to the next generation. And now I am here passing it on. Although, I don't want to take this guys photo, so I decided to make a totally different kind of printable of this favorite quote of mine.

Here is the print I made. It's available in 5x7 and 8x10 and prints on a regular 8.5 x11 paper. Just click on the size you want and save to your computer.  I hope you enjoy it!

...And, wow, I just realized that I didn't get this quote exactly right. Can you spot it? I researched it and the quote is quoted both ways, but from an actual Thoreou book I found it as "what we are".  But, you know what? I'm going to embrace who and what I am - which is the kind of person that didn't get this quote exactly right - and just present it as is. An inspirational quote that I have enjoyed for years no matter what or who you are.

Invite to be who we are printable 8x10
8x10 Print

Invited to be who you are Printable -5x7

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Whatever Watermelon Salad and my Kitchen Confession

Whatever Watermelon Salad - Pnyboy Press blog
I am the kind of person who doesn't read instructions much. I like to get in there and just figure it out. Sometimes this works great. Lots of times it doesn't.  I'm kind of like that with cooking, too. With baking I'm more careful (but not by much). I have a bit of a devil-may-care attitude about cooking - especially if it's just for myself. I collect recipes on Pinterest and have many cookbooks and yet, when it comes down to it I usually just make something up.

So, yesterday I got the idea to make a watermelon salad. I looked up some recipes on Pinterest, but none of them were really what I wanted to do. So, I just kind of did my own thing. I made a watermelon salad with cucumbers, blueberries and mint. I added some things to make a dressing and the result was really good. Here is a sort of roughed out idea of what I did (what, me measure?) so you can use it as a guide for your own whatever watermelon salad.

watermelon salad - ponyboypress blogMy version of Whatever Watermelon Salad

About 4 cups cut watermelon
1 cucumber, peeled and cut up
About 1/2 cup blueberries
Mint leaves, roughly chopped up (I used Lavender Mint from my garden)


1 tablespoon Olive Oil
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon Lavender Lemongrass Vinegar.
( I know not everyone has this sitting around. But, I recommend trying something that would give it just a little bit of some unique little tang. This vinegar is perfect as a secret ingredient in things. It adds so much, but you can't quite put your finger on it.)
a pinch of salt and a little bit of pepper if that's your thing.
Whisk together and gently toss with the fruit salad

You can eat right away, but it's better if it sits for a bit. The second picture is the salad the next day.

Are you a perfect cook and stick to recipes or are you like me?  I'll call it creative (but I have also called it half-assed).

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - A Happy Birthday

An odd assortment of colors on this Vintage Birthday Postcard. It was sent in 1929 to as Woman named Mrs. E.A. Christenson. It was her 45th birthday as the person noted on the message so all could see. It was sent from Authur, Iowa to Soiux City, Iowa.

Colors in general were very unique in the Twenties. Especially the last half of the decade. It was very popular to use strange combinations of colors for things, kind of like what happened in the last half of the 1960's. I wrote about some of this in regards to 1920's Christmas Cards on my other blog The Cedar Chest.

The hex color codes are in order from left to right: 5ba87a, d5628a, 466b55, ad6164. If I were going to name these colors I would name them Carnival Glass Green, Peony, Spruce and Faded Velvet.

Do you like this combo? It's very unique and not like you usually see today, especially considering the added teal, yellow and olive green checks.

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