Wednesday, May 28, 2008

from my to-do list

My days off went too fast, but I did get much of the things on my list done. I baked a couple of items, including a pineapple upside down cake! I had never tried one before. It was really good. You can see some pics here.

Also a couple weeks ago I made a pretty cute birthday cake for my favorite guy. Since he prefers chocolate frosting, I only used white frosting on top. It didn't seem right to use chocolate on top, otherwise these adorable little critters from abelemporium wouldn't have looked so cute.

I also got to Ikea and got some things to help organize the craft room. The Helmer I got has been very useful and I am surprised at how much it holds. It is perfect for me, since the drawers are all paper size and I have way too much paper items around. I also got this table in case you were wondering, in orange, also for the craft den. The den is looking pretty good now and as my boyfriend said when he saw it, "you can see the floor".

Now that the Ikea items are put together and looking all nice and friendly, I am conveniently forgetting how much I was bitching while putting them together. It took away a good six hours of my time. It is probably for the best that I am forgetting. I guess Ikea is my version of childbirth.

Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't posted any Etsy finds in a while. I have been trying to not spend as much money on Etsy purchases. Maybe everyone has had that idea, because my sales are pretty low lately, too.

Here however are a couple things I have purchased lately.

Letter pressed cards from YeeHaw. I am going to display them in my yellow and green bedroom. Not sure if I will frame them or just out on my board. They are more beautiful in person!

Also, because I am always a sucker for racoons. I got this recently. From dangargyle

I have some weird obsession with buying thing that you put things in. I got these times at lkea this weekend and I haven't found a place for them yet.

I am sure I will. I just love this kind of stuff. Maybe it is the organization geek in me. And at 2.99 for all three, you can't afford not to get them!

Well, back to baking and cleaning. Although this time off was more work then fun, I am glad I got most of the stuff on my list done, including 6+ hours of putting together Ikea furniture. And I am happy to say that the craft den is finally looking pretty good.

Hope you are having a good Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

free shipping sale!

In honor of my upcoming days off and the hours of beautiful empty time I imagine in front of me (and it never is quite like that, huh?) I am going to offer up a free shipping sale. My first sale ever!

Buy anything between tonight and Friday the 23rd and you will get free shipping from either shops - PonyBoy Press and The Cedar Chest! Just write "Yay Free Shipping!" in the comments and I will send you a corrected invoice with no shipping on it.

This is one of my favorite things in The Cedar Chest:

Here is the first few things on my to do list for the upcoming five days:

  • Bake some things
  • clean up craft room (this is eternal. I should just get a list of memo pads printed up with this printed at the top of each page!)
  • paint magazine holders
  • finish current resident zine
  • go to Ikea
  • see some friends
  • swim
  • go to iprc and reading frenzy

Monday, May 12, 2008

mom's day

I made this collage for my mother for Mother's Day. The letter in the background is a letter she wrote to her mom about my older sister's first day of kindergarten. The photo is me on my first day of kindergarten. The background a pattern I took off an old tobacco box that my grandmother used to hold old coins and tokens. It was probably her father's originally.

I really liked making this and want to make more collages soon. I have tons of ideas and tons of old photos and images to use! I have been meaning to get back to doing collages for a while.

Hope you all had a nice Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a view of my evening

I now have Imaginary Life #6 restocked in the shop.

I am going to go watch "About a Son" now.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Magnet Sets

Tonight I spent a few good hours in the craft den making magnet sets and listening to a cd I haven't listened to in years and then writing about it.

I am going to try and do a regular music post on my other blog. I have a large music library and I haven't listened to most of it in a long time. I want to go through and listen to the stuff that I really loved at one time and revisit it, see if I still like it and share it with people. You can find them all through the tag My Music Lessons.

And, new French Vocab magnet sets are now in the shop.

I think it is time for a midnight snack.

Hope you have a good weekend!

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