Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i'm thankful for jim henson...oh, yeah, and that I am alive!

In addition to dealing with issues from that car crashing into me on Sunday, I also have a bad cold. I have gone through almost two boxes of Kleenex. Today I left the house to go to the chiro and he checked me out. I definitely have some issues from the accident and I do feel better since the appointment. I was so glad though to get back home (still a little afraid to be on the road. I have a rental) and back into my snowflake flannel pajamas. I am now watching The Muppets Christmas Carol and drinking peppermint tea.

Something you may not know about me is that I love A Christmas Carol and all the kooky versions of it. I watch at least four or five a season. Each year I buy at least one more for my collection. This year I got the Muppets. I love The (Pre-Disney Owned) Muppets and I am still so sad that Jim Henson is gone.

Well, back to it. I wish Thanksgiving was a few more days away. I have been too busy to notice that it is coming. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

good news and bad news

The good news is: You know that etsy shop that I get my cute cake decorations that you may have seen in this post or this one? Well, she now has a whole new brand website up. It is called Bake it Pretty and you can go there now OR you could visit her blog and enter to win some Bake it Pretty ducats.

The bad news is: Well, it is really more bad news for just me and my dearest. Right after I wrote the last entry I left the house, went to the post office and while driving up Hawthorne was hit by a car. He slammed into my side and my car is most likely totaled. A bummer of a Sunday. I am feeling better about it right now, but I was pretty pissed off and throwing myself a pity party for a few hours. The nice part is that many people nearby helped and were very very kind.


I have been working on getting some photos together for a project for my father's book. I got a slide scanner for my birthday (thanks, sis and bro-in-law!) and have been scanning lots of old slides. Most of the photos in our family are on slides. It is strange to see so many images I have never seen before or only seen in black and white. Most of the color slides are still very brilliant and haven't turned.

There are slides all the way back to the early 40's. I can't get over seeing color images of my father when he was 5! I have only ever seen those years in black and white.

It is very emotional, however, to have these images in front of me everyday. I am glad I have the scanner and look forward to getting more scanned, but it will be nice to be able to put all these pictures of my father and grandparents away for a while. My father was so close to his parents, it was like they were still around when he was around. Now that he is gone I feel like they are truly gone and that makes it all harder. No one tells you that part.

Phew. Okay, well this post got kind of heavy so I will just end it there and post the other stuff I was going to talk about later. I will leave you with this image of my Grandfather with Lady. I love the colors in this slide. I wonder if it was always like that or if it has faded a bit.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Pillowcases

Hello. I did a little printing of some pillowcases last weekend and they are now in the shop. I think they look better in real life than in the pics. I took these on a dark and stormy night and I have to say my pillows are not the most photogenic. At any rate, I hope you can see the cuteness that is these pillowcases.

If you want to get one for a friend (or yourself!) mention this post and I will include a zine of my house fictions. Perfect bedtime reading for these pillowcases.

These pillowcases are all vintage and can be washed and dried in the machine.

Monday, November 10, 2008

let love

I never really mention current events and politics in this blog. However, I saw this on thesugarmonster's blog and I must share it.

Keith Olbermann speaks so perfectly, succinctly and passionately about his and many of our feelings about the issue of gay marriage. I have never heard my similar feelings about it put so eloquently and thorough. You can read the transcript here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

some things i forgot to mention...

I have been adding more stock to The Cedar Chest. Expect some more really great vintage postcard books soon.

Buy Handmade

Also, a little while ago I started the Fat Activist Network. I have seen We Make Zines (also a network I started) really flourish in the few months it has been in existence. We now have 556 members and people are really using it. I could see how this would be a really great resource for fat activism. So, one afternoon over brunch Carrie and I discussed it and I went home and signed us up.

The Fat Activist Network is a place for all people who are fighting for Fat Rights to come together. We can use the place to connect and network and plan. If you are a size equality activist, please join us there.

Visit Fat Activist Network

Friday, November 7, 2008

birthday season

The last two weeks have been busy, but busy with fun, mostly. The week of Halloween I was on vacation. Steve and I went up to Mount Hood and had a secluded cabin on a river. Unfortunately I spent half of the vacation with a stomach flu, so that really sucked. Still, it was nice to be laying around a nice comfortable cabin with the sound of the river and Steve, who took good care of me. Here are a couple images from one of the days when I felt better. We took a little trip to Trillium Lake

I couldn't get over the patterned ring around the lake from the trees and the reflection of the trees. It looked like an ornamental loomed belt or something. I took about 30 pictures like this.

Then Wednesday was my birthday. I took off the rest of the week and have had a grand time, just spending time with people, eating amazing food and I even went and got a massage and The Dragontree.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday with my mom by going to Myrtles Tea House and Herbery in Washington. It was totally the kind of thing I like to do and seldom do. It was really good and lots of fun. I just love all the little sandwiches and tea with cream and sugar. I had a special Earl Grey tea.

Across the street from the teahouse is a really neat old church. I walked around and took lots of pictures on the grounds.

The whole place was like some shabby chic photo shoot. I have no idea what this huge Knight is all about.
So, now I have a couple days before I go back to work to try and clean up from all this fun. I am also hoping to get some pillowcase printing done, too. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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