Sunday, May 27, 2007


I keep collecting fabrics and not sewing. I really don't know how to sew. I mean I can thread my machine, but most of what I know is through trial and error and just trying to figure it out. Mostly I make simple square things. Pillows, pillowcases, tote bags. Today I finally tried to make some curtains. I have been collecting fabric for bedroom curtains and general decorations for about a year. I originally wanted to do my room all vintage 70's, in green and yellow. Like daisies and ferns, but a certain look. I have found it is very hard to find what I am looking for, so until then I am doing a more modern yellow and green room.

Today I picked up some fabric from Superbuzzy and came home and got to work. I was so in love with the big trees fabric and it was the prefect size for my small window. Here is a pic of half way through with my favorite pin cushion porcupine working hard. It is from Carryboo!

Here is the unfinished product. I may make the top border smaller, or hem it more, although I like the extra coverage if you have the blinds open. I still haven't hemmed the sides. I am pretty damn happy with it though. I mean, really, how can you go wrong with this fabric?


Jenny said...

Hi Krissy! Those curtains are so cute. I saw that fabric on Superbusy. I love it.

PonyBoy Press said...

Thanks! I think I want to do my other window in that room with it,too. Hopefully they will get more! Glad I have a link to your blog now!

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