Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Is it August Yet?

I have been deep in the writing and editing of my new issue of Figure 8 or feeling guilty about how I should be working on it. It is true there is a lot ot do and only a couple weeks to do it, but I will make it!

In between working on the zine I have been going to the farmers market weekely, I got to go shopping at the new Portland Ikea before the rest of the town and I have been swimming.

Yep, it is summer. The last 7 summers of my life have all been like this. Consumed with getting a zine done in time for the zine symposium. Deadlines work good for me, especially this one and the zine symposium is so much fun! Between, making zines and swimming and eating lots of berries, life right now feels a lot like summer camp. My own private summer camp!

This all reminds me of these really neat photos you can get on the Etsy shop, Liasynthis. I think this is a great concept and works really well. Especially when the cut-outs are actually outside.

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