Wednesday, October 10, 2007

kid crafts

Well, looks like I finally got the feed to work and you live journal subscribers just got a whole slew of them. Sorry about that. I am glad it seems to finally be working!

I so want to get to crafting, but things keep getting in the way. I will probably start printing when I get back from vacation, which is the week after next. But, before then I am hoping to get some new magnet sets up!

I love buying things from kids when they are being all entrepreneurial and stuff. At the Stumptown Comicfest a couple weeks ago I got some drawings from this kid for a dollar each. His table was a mass of drawings, all with the erased lines showing and stuff. They are great. A couple years ago I got some comic zines from another kid at the zine symposium. (If i were really together I would have them all scanned and ready to go for this entry, but I am writing this on my lunch break and I am just not that together!)

Last night I got a pocket fairy in the mail from this 8 year old girl, Libby, who sells on Etsy. They are all different, with different names and they all have secret superpower you find out when you get yours in the mail! Of course I had to get one. Here is my pocket fairy:

Her name is Morning Dew and her secret power is........*contentment*

The best!

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Jen @ said...

I love the idea of those fairies. So awesome. :)

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