Monday, December 10, 2007

no one ever heard of a skinny santa

There is yet another ridiculous campaign from the fat haters out there that says Santa should no longer be fat. Along with the Pillsbury Doughboy's slimmer body and the push for the Cookie Monster to eat more vegetables, this is yet another bucketful of stupidity.

Thankfully, some smart people got together to make a stink about it and get some good done as well! This is some great activism!

If you believe Santa belongs on a sleigh instead of a stairmaster, sign the petition. Your support will do more than Keep Santa Fat. For every signature, DVA Advertising and Public Relations will donate a pound of food to America’s Second Harvest to help feed the hungry in our communities. And DVA will keep donating until we reach 50,000 pounds of food. Help feed the cause on behalf of the North Pole’s finest.


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