Thursday, April 17, 2008

craft and design blog rant

I am sort of obsessed with craft and design blogs. I go through stages with them, some I will love for a while and then I am no longer interested. Some I love, but then they stop posting as much, so I lose interest and some I actually don't love, in fact they get on my nerves, but for some reason I need to keep checking in. It's a sickness.

Here are some things that get on my nerves about craft and design blogs:

1. When all they do is post things to buy and these things to buy are ridiculously expensive. It makes me think that the blog is just a marketing tool and they are getting some money for each post. And if I know this isn't true, it bothers me just as much, because the relentless "wants posts" are just feeding into this idea that we all "deserve" to be rich and get these things (which is why so many people are in deep debt). I would love it if some people posted what they really buy, instead of what they are wishing for. I can appreciate design and beauty for just the sake of it, too, but sometimes it gets to be too much of just plain consumerism.

2. The well-off unemployed crafty woman with the beautiful and perfectly clean house and a great view. Okay, yes, I admit it, I am jealous. Absolutely. But, still, it seems a little easier to be able to bake elaborate desserts and sew beautiful things when you are doing so for fun and not to make a living. I admit that if I lived in some of these house with some of these views I would be struck by the beauty everyday and want to post it as well. In fact, I live in a place not so much like that and I still am. However, as I have said before I would really like to see some blogs by women who work full time and still find some time to craft. I want to see messy craft rooms and resourceful/reused craft supplies instead of a stack of new imported fabrics.

3. When craft blogs become blogs filled with pics of their kids. Yeah, kids are cute, and I like seeing them with things the blogger crafted, but sometimes the blog becomes pics of the kids constantly or it becomes a pregnancy blog. That is when I take it off the list

So, I know this may seem harsh. And I know people can do whatever they want with their blog. And I am also aware that I have never seen a post like this on any blog, but I decided to write it all down today because I wanted to let you know about the blogs that I always love.

I keep a list on the side bar of this blog of the most recent sites I have bookmarked. But, I don't have a list of the ones I always look at and consistently like, mainly because they are listed on so many other blogs. I figure I don't need to repeat them. But, here are some of my all time favorites. I would say most of these are my favorites because they are consistent, beautiful and they often provide me with really good information/links.

1. Cozy Little Whimsy Nook
2. Happy Mundane
3. How about Orange
4. Knick Knacks and Ric Rac
5. Thimble
6. Cathy of California

How about you? What is your favorite? What makes you take a blog off your list?


Anonymous said...

why thank you!
am so happy you like my posts!

Anonymous said...

I've recently taken away a LOT of blogs from my everyday list of looking even though I too get obsessed and in love even and I'm so curious I could die to see what EVERYONE is making. I need to slow down. I love pure craft or pure art blogs, and family photos is not very interesting I agree with you even though I sometimes post those myself, especially cat family photos! :-)
I think it's great that you posted your list, I have thought about this subject too!

Thanks for the link to me, I hope you won't get disappointed. :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the book recommendation (i just ordered it!) i'm happy to be on your short list! i admit pictures of perfectly organized craft rooms get on my nerves, but maybe because they make me face my on inadequacies. i can never seem to stay ahead of the piles of stuff in my room.

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