Monday, May 25, 2009

everything you want

I recently got back in touch with an old DJ friend, Steve Lambert. We were DJ's at KZSU over ten years ago. Steve had seen me in the zine documentary and contacted me. He was about 20 the last time I saw him and since then has been very busy making art and making headlines - literally.

He was a co-creator of the fake NY Times paper that came out around election time last year. You can still see it online here.

His most recent show, Everything You Want, Right Now! is currently in L.A. and you have another couple of weeks to see it. If you are in the area I hope you will go.

It has been nice to reconnect to Steve and so very cool to see all the great stuff he has been up to. Please visit his website to see more, to find out about his show and to learn more about his artwork. I find this kind of art really inspiring. Here are a couple of my favorite images:

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leni said...

i just discovered your blog a love it! amazing photos!

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