Wednesday, June 17, 2009

some igoogle action

So, this might be one of the dorkiest posts I have written.....okay, well, we know it isn't and it won't be, but let's pretend it is.

Have you seen the new igoogle Showcase. It shows you celebrities igoogle pages and it gives you the links to put any of the widgets they have on their page on yours - or - you can just add on a whole other tab on your blog to have their entire igoogle page set up.

I wish there were more celebrities that I related to on it, but I did create a tab for Martha Stewart's page and Seth Godins page, just for kicks.

I also was inspired by Ashton and Demi to have Twitter and Facebook on my igoogle page, I mean really, why hadn't I thought of that?

The Martha Stewart one is kind of neat. I took off some of the feeds she had, but I like looking at her Martha Stewart theme and her other widgets.

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