Sunday, October 25, 2009

one day sun, one day rain = perfect

Saturday was a beautiful day in Portland. I will never get tired of the bright autumn leaves against such a clear blue sky. Around every bend was another gorgeous tree glowing in the sunlight. I spent the afternoon with a new friend and we visited some of the best of Portland. We got used and vintage craft supplies at the Knitten Kitten, we both had our first visit to the amazing (and very busy) Sock Dreams retail store and then I got to introduce her to one of my favorite places for lunch - Jade Teahouse. A nice day all around.

As I left the house Saturday I saw this large spider hanging out. I guess he should enjoy the nice day, too. Still...a little creepy.

Then today was overcast and rainy off and on. I even saw some fog. A perfect morning for fresh baked croissants* and coffee and getting some things done around the house. I mostly worked cleaning up the craft room, (someday i will actually do crafts in here again) doing chores and working on the DVD. It is very close to being all done.

I wish I could stop time. I love the feeling of a day like today when it is about 1pm and I have the rest of the day to get so much done. I always have such high hopes at that time. But, now it is almost 7pm and the day is done. Some things were definitely accomplished, but never as much as you imagine at the height of the day (and at the height of your caffeine kicking in).

Today I also posted on The Cedar Chest blog about one of my favorite ephemera finds in a long time. It is a a beautiful illustrated Children's Holiday booklet from 1935. Go take a look. It might give you some ideas for this Halloween weekend. Hope you all have a good week!

* Trader Joes has some wonderful frozen croissants (I like the chocolate ones) that you put out the night before. They rise real big and then you just bake them in the morning. I recommend them.

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