Monday, January 4, 2010

fresh starts

I like the hope that the first week of January brings. The days lay out in my mind like a walkway of fresh snow and I hesitate to step, even though I so want to. I want to wait till I am feeling clear and organized, till I know the best way to walk though the fresh white day. I don't want to muddle the snow with lots of back and forth footsteps.

Sometimes I don't ever make the time to sit down and get things clear in my head or more often I have some time, but never enough. Still some is good and I have started feeling more clear and I definitely am craving more organized days.

I haven't sat down yet to write my thoughts about last year or more importantly, what I want from and what I want to give this year. But, I do believe in doing this. Getting it down on paper, planning out things, making deadlines even. I do this at work.Why wouldn't I do it in the rest of my life? (p.s. This cute little calendar from cabin and cub would be a nice way to help you plan your projects).

I do know that on the top of my to-do list for this year is: read more. The books are piling up and I really want to start focusing on some of the subjects I have lined up.

And I know that one of things I feel most accomplished about for last year was finally getting my Dad's film on DVD, including designing the covers and menus, which I wasn't sure I could pull off.

Maybe I will share more ideas later on, once I get them situated on lined paper.

I hope you all are enjoying the new year. I would love to hear your fresh start traditions or rituals. I am looking to add a few.

Happy 2010!

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