Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Introducing: Vintage Color Palettes

At the heart of so much that I love - design, decor, paper, art, vintage - is color. That's what moves me the most. It has since I was a kid and I would color in my coloring book and delight in decorating the bedroom in Charlie Brown's room in color combos that I had never thought of before. I actually remember when I "discovered" that pink and spring green looked great together. Those were some great curtains old Chuck got that day.

The first thing that made me swoon over vintage postcards was the lovely combination of colors that were on some of them. I noticed this a lot in old fabric, too. The colors all seemed different than ones that are used now. There are only so many colors in the world, but the vintage ones on old postcards, brochures and barkcloth all seemed deeper, dustier and a little more pungent. Was this because the dyes were different then or had they aged into these colors? If we could go back in time and buy a postcard new would it look like the ones we have now?

I have noticed some color palettes on the internet for modern images and it gave me the idea to finally document the colors and combos that I love about my collection of vintage postcards and ephemera.

I will post them here regularly. To start off. here are two - Fifth Avenue and Boston Duck Pond. Maybe these can help you plan some color combos for an event, room or a website. But, really it's just for fun. And if you like color like I do, I'm guessing you'll get that.

2 comments: said...

Love the vintage colors.....lovely and faded and muted and cool.....been to both those spots too...

Heather said...

Such a cool idea. They look lovely.

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