Sunday, March 4, 2012


March is here. The above illustration is from A Child's Book of Poem's

Today was very spring like. The sun was out and I went to check out what's been popping up in the garden. My hydrangea bush still had some old dried flowers on it from late last summer, but among them many new buds.

Here is the contrast of dried up winter next to baby fresh spring. No judgement here. I like them both!
I pruned all the old dried flowers off the bush and now it's ready to grow into a big beautiful pile of hydrangeas. I love them. This bush started as a potted plant from Trader Joes.

The neighbor's dog, Clover, came by for a visit. She is super sweet and so well behaved.

Some other stirrings. 

And some cheery narcissus that are intent on keeping their heads down and facing away from the door. I snuck up on them.

I guess spring is coming. I do like it, I just feel like winter never got a real good showing. I am looking forward to flowers and California strawberries and sitting in the sun. 

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Jen @ said...

I absolutely LOVE hydrangeas! They are so gorgeous and full.

Also I started using feedly. I'm still getting used to it but it's much smoother than google reader. Thank you for the recommendation!

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