Sunday, July 22, 2012

International Zine Month Check In

How's your zine month going?  I loved the 31 Days of IZM list that came out at the end of June and though I would participate in it as much as I could. Well, I haven't done as much as I wnated, but I look at it every day to check in.

Here's what I have done.

Day 4 was teach yourself a new skill.

I was already working in a mini zine at the time, so that qualifies. I made a 1/16th zine that goes into a little handmade box. This zine will be sold in the IPRC Zine Machine, but I'll also have copies at the Portland Zine Symposium. Here is a shot of the zine while I was working on it. I will post more once I get them all assembled.

Day 6 was reread a favorite zine

For this day I opened up my box of zines from the last symposium near my bed and reread the first two on top. I have terrible retention and sadly I could probably reread the same 1000 items over and over for life. 

Day 7 was zine reading day.

I read my current zine out loud to myself and pretended to be reading it to a group. Reading your stuff out loud is  good way to find problems with flow or repetitive words.  When I read it out loud on this day I wished I would have done before I printed some. I totally found problems.

Day 9 was make envelopes, postcards or buy stamps.

I bought stamps. I needed some standard first class letter stamps. Some stamps are so pretty. Like any office supply and paper geek I enjoy buying them. I got a few designs, including these Kansas ones that I liked.

A bunch of days got a way from me....
Day 22 is today and the item for today is to add or edit an entry on Zine Wiki. I thought everything on Zine Wiki was up to date for me, but when I looked at it again today I saw that I had nothing for my zine Imaginary Life. I added information about that zine and did a couple up dates. You can see my profile here. Check out Zine Wiki today and add your zine or a zine you like that isn't represented. It's a great resource.

So, here's to about 9 more days of Zine Month. I will hopefully partake in a few more things on the list.

I can't believe the symposium is so soon, I have a lot to do to get ready for it and yet I'm not really doing it. I hope my motivation kicks in soon!

If you want to see what other people are doing for IZM check out the blog posts on We Make Zines.

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