Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a new year

Happy 2013! It's a new year and here in Portland it is sunny and clear, which makes it feel even more like a new year.

Do you make resolutions? Maybe you call them intentions or goals? I suspect that even people who claim they don't make them privately do a little. I don't see how a person can't with the end of the holidays and a new calendar year. It just seems to natural to think in new starts.

I like the To Resolve Project. A project where graphic designers create images (made for iphone backgrounds) illustrating their resolutions. Lots of great designs here. Maybe one will be a good reminder for you of what you want for 2013. Here are a few that I really liked:

Hope you have lots of Joy in 2013!


Miz Kizzle said...

All the images are great, especially the first one.
A question: How can I subscribe to Paper Crush? I have issue #4 (stupendously wonderful) and I'd love to get my hands on issues 1-3, as well as becoming a regular subscriber.
Happy New Year!

PonyBoy Press said...

So glad you like Paper Crush#4! I don;t have subscriptions becasue I ever know when I will do another one. However, you can get all in print zines (including Paper Crush #3 and #5 on my Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ponyboypress


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