Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vintage Color Palettes - All Your Way with Flowers

Vintage Color Palettes - All Your Way with Flowers - dark teal, orange, green, taupe

This is such a lovely, dusty, melancholic color palette from a poetic postcard from 1908. The dark teal color of the forest with the orange twilight (or maybe sunrise) hitting the trunks and making it all glow and in front a bundle of, what are those, lillies? They've been left there, bundled in twine, adding more to the story. And the verse on the front:

Time that with noiseless foot keeps step with you
Strew all your way with flowers

The postcard was printed in Germany, sent from Racine, Wisconsin to Clinton, Iowa on April 15th, 1908. The colors here are different than what you see now, at least in this combo. The hex color code numbers are from top to bottom: 447065, f28146, 94bf8c, b68a5e

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