Saturday, May 11, 2013

Vintage Color Palette - Perfect Salad

Maybe it's the 70's child in me showing - but I love this color combination. This pamphlet put out by Mazola, is, however, most likely from the 1930's - there's no date on it. Such a gorgeous color combo. I like it when they use a bunch of similar colors in things like this.  The hex color code numbers are from top to bottom: dd852d, 5b8948, ffc033, c5571e.

If you're interested in what's inside. Here are a couple pages. I like it when they say in these types of things "the modern housewife" does this and that. It's like they are kind of shaming people into buying their stuff, Like if your not into this your not modern. Modern was a big things during this time, - and not surprising since in a span of about 20 years so many houseworking devices became available to the average American.

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