Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vintage Color Palette - Bridge in Autumn

Bridge in Autumn Vintage Color Palettes on Ponyboy Press blog
These are some of my favorite colors together. You see these colors used a lot in 1940's bark cloth fabric.  I love the fall colors. I don;t know when this postcard was made, but it was mailed in 1962 from Kay in Campbell, California to her nephew Steve who was in the service in New Jersey. Maybe she collected the postcard on some earlier travels to the far East.

The hex color number are from left to right: b8571a, 176a6b, 85803f, a93b2f. Wondering what you can do with these palettes? Check out my post about Using Vintage Color Palettes and all you can do with them. You can also see all of them on the Vintage Color Palettes board on Pinterest.

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