Friday, February 12, 2016

Vintage Color Palette - La Cascade du Chateau

La Cascade Vintage Color Palette - ponyboy press blog, see blog for hex codes

I love how the color choices of this postcard from the early 1900's make this waterfall at the castle look like it's on another world. Such an interesting combination of colors that you wouldn't think go together, but they work so well to convey the magical feeling a person must experience there.

The hex color codes are from left to right: 4281c5, fdb6d6, b05741, d0a7ac

Not sure what to do with Vintage Color Palettes? You can use them to design the colors for your website, your living room or your next project. You can also use them to color patterns for online website design. Read more on this post about using Vintage Color Palettes from Ponyboy Press.

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