Sunday, March 20, 2016

Vintage Color Palette - Pride of Madeira

Vintage Color Palette - Pride of Madeira - read more and see hex codes on the blog

It's the first day of spring today and it's pretty grey and rainy here in Portland. This Vintage Color Palette, however, is spring-like enough for me. I love the muted pastel colors.  The title of this postcard is Pride of Madeira and Peach Blossom. It was printed in London and it's over 100 years old.

Madeira is a town in Portugal and the periwinkle-colored flowers on the cliffside here are called Pride of Madeira. What a lovely scene. I'd love to be there,

The hex color codes for these colors are from top to bottom: d85a77, f5b6bb, 7d9abd, adab8a

You can use these vintage color palettes to help design rooms, fabric, patterns, websites, backgrounds...all kinds of things. Follow us on Pinterest or Facebook to see all new Palettes posted.

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