Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I dropped the new issue of Figure 8 off at the printer last night. I have never had someone do it for me before, but it actually ended up being cheaper to have Kinkos print and staple 300 then for me to do it myself at Kinkos. Usually I use the IPRC or this copy lady I know, but at this time of year in Portland, both those options are way to stressful - pluse someone else does it for me!

I was so excited to drop it off, but when they took it away it felt weird and unsettling not having it in my posession. Not being abale to handle it myself, to be able to reglue pages as they come off and make sure it all works myself. I still do it the old-fashioned way, so there is only one copy. This seperation anxiety suprised me.

Hope you all come by the zine symposium this weekend. I will post the cover and have the new issues of Figure 8 in the shop next week.

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