Thursday, September 27, 2007

harvest moon

I am so ready to start the fall crafting! If I could only get the time. This full-time working business is for the bees! But, soon, very soon I am going to start goccoing some more pillowcases and papers and all kinds of things. I also want to do some sewing, work on a zine and start selling some of my stuff online. I am starting an Etsy store just to sell my vintage items, ephemera, photos and craft supplies. That should be open soon. I have spent so many years collecting this stuff and now I will be spending so many years passing it on!

Did you see the moon last night? It was the Harvest Moon and people used to harvest by the light of it. It sure was like a big old spotlight last night. It was beautiful.

I sold some things at the Twilight Rummage sale last weekend. That was good. I also picked a few goodies of course! 1o things out, 3 things in. Although I am ready to let go of whole collections of stuff right now (like my Beat Generation library)I don't think I will ever be tired of old photos and ephemera. I am so sentimental!

I got this old photo of a dollhouse on Ebay today. It is coming all the way from Germany! I thought I could use it for the new current resident zine. Isn't it awesome!

What fall things are you looking forward to most?

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