Thursday, September 13, 2007

more log-ins, please

I think I have a problem. I am always fighting the desire to start more blogs, Etsy stores and general on-line community accounts. Luckily, I do not have the time to do all of the ones I want, but I am a total sucker for it. Case in point, the Twitter account I started and seldom post to, you can see it off to the right and down. I do like that I can post sometimes from my phone, but I am not sure who I am even posting to! But, give me the chance and I will probably sign up for it.

That is why it is amazing that it took till now, late 2007, for me to make a myspace account for PonyBoy Press. I don't know why, I some rebellious streak in me. I have never really liked how my space is designed. I preferred Friendster, but the people have spoken, so I have added my voice to the crowd. Plus, although it is hard for me to believe, some people don't read blogs and aren't on Livejournal! So, if you are on myspace, please add me, I would be ever so happy.

The other thing I will probably break down and do soon is start an Etsy store to sell off my vintage stuff/ephemera and craft supplies. I sell them on my site, now, but it makes it seem like such a hodge podge. I have so much vintage photos and ephemera and generally cool old stuff I bought and haven't done anything with yet, so I think that is next on the list. I like seeing that stuff on Etsy, too. Here are some nice choices:

Beautiful old-style glitter (mica!) and vintage french party favor cones from littlepinkstudio

Some great old photos and buttons from Rustirelics

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Joy Nash said...

Hi Krissy!!
I totally bought your zine. And it was totally my favorite out of the 8 zines I bought that day. (I'd never seen zines before.) I like your blog too :)
Thanks for saying hi!!

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