Monday, November 12, 2007

Feminist Review reviews Figure 8

The newest Figure 8 was reviewed by Feminist Review recently. It is a mostly favorable review. However, she mentions my many typros in the zine and hopes that any new issues will be better in this regard.

It is true. I have a problem. And I am ready to admit it.

I try to edit it as best I can, I ask friends to help and I am sure those articles are the ones that are not as bad. However my own dyslexia, poor skills and deadline crunching comes into play with all my zines and I am afraid decent editing loses. I am almost always hurrying to finish up an an issue for an event, usually the Portland Zine Symposium. I apologize for the typos and when I reprint the new issue I will go over it all again and try to clean it up.

If you have come to this page from the Feminist Review, Hello to you. And please forgive my shortcomings. I hope you can look past them and find some chub love in Figure 8.


Jen @ said...

hey krissy, it's jen (implicate on lj). i'd love to help you proof/edit it if you have it as a word file or something i can do on the computer. let me know. <3

PonyBoy Press said...

Okay! When I am ready to reprint I will let you know. Thanks!

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