Wednesday, May 28, 2008

from my to-do list

My days off went too fast, but I did get much of the things on my list done. I baked a couple of items, including a pineapple upside down cake! I had never tried one before. It was really good. You can see some pics here.

Also a couple weeks ago I made a pretty cute birthday cake for my favorite guy. Since he prefers chocolate frosting, I only used white frosting on top. It didn't seem right to use chocolate on top, otherwise these adorable little critters from abelemporium wouldn't have looked so cute.

I also got to Ikea and got some things to help organize the craft room. The Helmer I got has been very useful and I am surprised at how much it holds. It is perfect for me, since the drawers are all paper size and I have way too much paper items around. I also got this table in case you were wondering, in orange, also for the craft den. The den is looking pretty good now and as my boyfriend said when he saw it, "you can see the floor".

Now that the Ikea items are put together and looking all nice and friendly, I am conveniently forgetting how much I was bitching while putting them together. It took away a good six hours of my time. It is probably for the best that I am forgetting. I guess Ikea is my version of childbirth.

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Anonymous said...

I love abelemporium and bought a bunch of pieces from there awhile back for "future use." One of the worst reasons I buy many things.

And I LOVE that Helmer! I think I might need one once we've moved. I have so many papers and I'm obsessed with organizational pieces.

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