Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't posted any Etsy finds in a while. I have been trying to not spend as much money on Etsy purchases. Maybe everyone has had that idea, because my sales are pretty low lately, too.

Here however are a couple things I have purchased lately.

Letter pressed cards from YeeHaw. I am going to display them in my yellow and green bedroom. Not sure if I will frame them or just out on my board. They are more beautiful in person!

Also, because I am always a sucker for racoons. I got this recently. From dangargyle

I have some weird obsession with buying thing that you put things in. I got these times at lkea this weekend and I haven't found a place for them yet.

I am sure I will. I just love this kind of stuff. Maybe it is the organization geek in me. And at 2.99 for all three, you can't afford not to get them!

Well, back to baking and cleaning. Although this time off was more work then fun, I am glad I got most of the stuff on my list done, including 6+ hours of putting together Ikea furniture. And I am happy to say that the craft den is finally looking pretty good.

Hope you are having a good Memorial Day!

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