Thursday, June 5, 2008

5 things I really like

1. sheer post-it notes. Although I haven't gotten any of these yet, I can see how they would satisfy me on many levels, especially when used with a borrowed book. via unclutterer blog

2. Mini pies baked in glass jars. They look like a lot of work, so I am thinking I probably won't do them, but they are so beautiful and you can freeze them out one at a time for a single little pie. via notmartha blog via many other blogs.

3. The different interview types of series that are done on the blog poppytalk. Right now she is doing ones on the Art of Display. Look in the archives for the studio spaces interviews and the ones on collecting.

4. Wil Wheaton's blog. Yeah, Wesley Crusher. I have been really into reading it and it doesn't really have to do with my epic undertaking of viewing Star Trek:TNG all seasons and films in order. I somehow stumbled across the link and have just been enjoying it, although some geeky stuff goes over my head.

5. Google Reader. I love it. It makes keeping up with all the blogs I read so much easier. It is the best!

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