Tuesday, July 29, 2008

fun with the internets

Here are a couple neat sites I have found recently. PhotoFunia uses your photos and uploads in all kind of wacky places. Here are a couple I did to prepare for when Figure 8 takes over the world.

Cool drawing of me below done by Nicole Georges, of course. Who, by the way is currently looking for people who need advice. She is full of answers for you. Ask her a question.

I found a neat new search engine. It is called searchme. Unlike the new cuil search engine that was supposed to be so great (made by people from Google), but was a complete mess when I tried it, searchme is pretty good. It shows you each page, you flip through them almost like a magazine. I have noticed seeing those visual clues really helped me find the right sites.

There are some cool vintage-like labels for you to print for your homemade goods. HP offers them up for free. Go here.Here is a pretty interesting site filled with old photos, films and who knows what else. I haven't had a chance to check it out enough, but have at it. Here is an image from there that I like. From around 1912:

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Chelsea said...

Those Figure 8 photos are fantastic! If only the world could be that great...

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