Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have back from vacation for over a week now. Whidbey Island was so wonderful and refreshing and I think I have been grieving my loss of that island breeze and view ever since I've been back. The grounds of the house we rented were so beautiful and so large! Here is a photo I took near the edge of the cliff where they had a nice little bench that you could sit on and listen to the water lap against the shore.

We had to take the ferry to Whidbey Island from Port Townsend. The Washington Ferry system is awesome and I would love to live up there just so I could take the ferries around. I wouldn't even need to get out!

Port Townsend is a nice little town and we stopped there both ways to have lunch. On our way back home I wandered into this little shop while my mom was at the yarn store and came across these glass vases.
They are not vintage, but are designed to look vintage and they have these awesome screw on frog tops that are so perfect. I completely adore them and have made sure to have a few fresh flowers in them ever since I got them.

I just love looking at them. I would rather look at the view at that island house, though. I think I will make it my goal to visit all the Washington islands. I have been to a couple others, but there are so many. Getting back to regular life was a little hard this week. But, I am happy to say that Family Vacation was a big success.

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