Tuesday, September 2, 2008

zine broadside

Hello. A few days ago I added to my shop some zine broadsides. Broadsides were something that were especially popular in the 60's and early 70's. They combined poetry and art by presenting the poem as a piece of art, something you would hang on the wall, often they were illustrated and some were poster size.

I was copying one of my zines a while ago and thought how sad it was that people don't see it in color. That is when I thought to do it as a broadside. It took me almost a year to finally do it, but I did. Here it is.

It is from Imaginary Life #3, which is a zine of four little zines, one for each season.


Anonymous said...

i love it. i think it's really lovely! i wish i didn't already feel overwhelmed with things to put on my walls so i could put it up to remind me to keep making zines.

Ephemeral Mailbox Museum said...

this looks wonderful, what a great idea!

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