Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cider Pressing

Yesterday Steve and I went out to the annual cider pressing that happens at the historical grist mill in Washington. We have gone a couple of times before, but have missed the last year, maybe two. It is a lovely drive and the mill is beautiful.

You have to wait in a very long line if you want to get some fresh pressed cider, but it is such a beautiful place to wait in line. When we got there we started on the path, leading to the covered bridge.

Once on the bridge you can lean out over the railing and look at all there is to see. Many leaves were falling during the bursts of breeze and enjoyed watching them fall in the creek and ride down out of sight. The day was sunny and the trees were so beautiful.

The water reflected the golden yellow of the trees and the creek looked like a pool of gold. It was so stunning. These pictures were not enhanced.

The cider is really good. I am drinking some right now. They press 8,000 pounds of apples this one day once a year.

I loved seeing kids with handfuls of leaves. At one point when waiting in line a big breeze came through and a bunch of leaves fell, swaying and floating down on us. All the kids started laughing and whooping it up and even the adults were overwhelmed. It was neat.


Chelsea said...

Wow, this looks like a wonderful place to visit. If I find time this your, I'll have to go and bring my camera. Thanks for sharing.

Emerald Arts said...

Wow, such amazing colours. I've never seen a bridge like that in real life (from Australia) but they always remind me of Beetleguise ;)

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