Monday, October 13, 2008

grey - or maybe your prefer gray

I love grey skies. The layers of different greys in the clouds are so pretty and I love the way grey skies soften everything, making the twilight time so beautiful and cozy. Tonight after I got home I went outside to have a glass of red wine and enjoy it.

The cat came out to join me, but was very camera shy.

I gathered some basil for my dinner and watched until it got dark.

I made the pie from Alicia's blog this weekend. I got regular pie crusts and not deep dish, so I ended up with 2 pies! It turned out great as I could send one home with Steve. It was very good and easy. I think there will be more sour cream apple pies before the season is over.

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Heidi said...

thanks for sharing your pie! it was goooood. first piece, I had some ice cream. second piece, cottage cheese. that was yummy too.

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