Sunday, January 4, 2009

my mother's talents

This is the Christmas tree at my Mother's house. Isn't it beautiful? I just couldn't stop gushing about it this year. She often has different themes and I am sure she has a full box of decorations for every color there is. They are always beautiful, but there is something so perfect about this red and white tree. (click here for an image of it in the light)

My mother has an amazing talent for decorating and display. This tree is more beautiful than many I have seen in department stores. I love the way she uses the ribbon. If I did that it would not look like that, trust me.

Every gift she wraps, too, is so beautiful. She uses gorgeous ribbons and knows how to make these elaborate bows that I could never do. It is a shame to unwrap them. Everything she does around the home is artfully done. I definitely got the desire to do that from her and I succeed sometimes, but her skill is so much better than not only mine, but of many people I see out there in the business of design and display.

Sometimes I feel like she missed her calling. I like to imagine her making displays in little gift shops (or large department stores), getting people to ooh and awe from outside and then come in saying they just want to move in to the store as is. I think she would have had so much fun changing the displays for the seasons and finding new ways to show off the same things.

But, she never did this. She did however use her skills for school and church functions when I was a child. She still organizes church functions and events and adds her special touch, I am sure, to all of these things. And she makes her home a lovely and inviting place. She told me once that she feels like she is successful if she can make a house a home - any house. Sometimes in her life it has been grand and sometimes it has been humble - but she has always, always made it beautiful.

Here is a Polaroid of a display she made around 1970. This was in the Southern California tract house I grew up in.

My mother at the piano in the same house. I love the dress and hair piece with the painting. My father probably posed her this way.

She is also very talented in quilting, painting and pretty much any craft she takes up. But, that could be a whole other post. Here is an image of my favorite wool latched rug she made. You can see her display skills here as well.

I adore my mother and I find her very inspiring. I love that she is always thrilled and excited about new things.


Anonymous said...

this is such a gorgeous post. your mom's talent is amazing.

Emerald Arts said...

Our Mum's are very simular. We're lucky :)

Little Pink Studio said...

This is such a sweet post! Mom's are wonderful aren't they?
Cerri xo

Aliice said...

This is fabulous!! I am very jealous of your mother's talents. Your post reminded me also of this:

Your mother should have done this, she would be wonderful.

PonyBoy Press said...

Oh, that was neat to see, thanks for sending that!

comfies said...

i love this post. i love the way she uses colors in themes. what a lovely mother you have!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! I think that both your mother and you are "artists of living." There desperately needs to be more artists of living in the world. They can go hand in hand with "front porch rockers" (the people, not the furniture) but not necessarily so. I long for a time when people rocked on the front porch and sat out on the lawn all evening--or created decorated corner tables like your mothers. Beautiful....ahhhh Vivienne

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