Thursday, February 5, 2009

make your place

There is a new book out from Microcosm Publishing that is based on several zines. It is called Make Your Place - Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills.

First off, it is adorable. I mean, really, the cover could not have been designed better to make me want it and the illustrations inside are so great. This book charms you into taking it home and you are only better off for giving in.

Make Your Place is filled with how-to help for things like making your own cleaning supplies, getting rid of bugs, gardening and making salves and other ointments. It would be a great gift for a young adult first out on their own or anyone who wants to do it all themselves.

The book claims that is help for people who want to live more simply, well....I guess that would depend on what you mean by simple. Getting all these ingredients that I have never had the need for and mixing up buckets of homemade cleansers isn't really more simple then picking something up at the store - but I am guessing it would be more rewarding in a few different ways.

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