Thursday, March 12, 2009

the adventures of mr fox and mrs polar bear

I stumbled upon these very cute photos on Flickr a while ago and quickly became a fan of Mr Fox and his friend Mrs Polar Bear.

They are photographed by tommy toast and he tells you all about their lives and daily adventures, along with other creatures from the "land of bed". I like his story telling.

Moments after uttering "Hand me my harmonica", Mr Fox was hot on the trail of Mr Completely Bonkers Raccoon - the Pied Piper! His ears pricked, and using his extraordinary sense of smell, the chase had begun.

Mrs PB, who had finally located her ear plugs, followed close behind.
It took some time. Every so often Mrs Polar Bear's shrieking or humming would put him off track, but as the amplitude began to increase (proportionately to the square of their distance from the Piper), pursing his lips Mr Fox began to blow!

Beginning with Carnival of the Animals.. the little bears turned, looked and began to edge towards him, but the the Raccoon who could be heard but not seen reposted with Hall of the Mountain King.
Mr Fox was losing them! He had to pull out all the stops. There was only one tune that could save them now. He was going to have to give the rendition of his life.

Only one tune could do it, and the one tune did it. Mr Fox's recital of Land of Hope and Glory was truly awe inspiring!

Vive la fox!

They are working on the global domination of Mr Fox and Mrs Polar Bear, along with their friend Mr Shaun, and you can help.

Cut out the images and take pictures of them in your town or on vacation with you. (You get bonus points for Holy Grail locations).

How cute is this? I don't know why, but I love something even more when it has little cut-out lines next to it.


Heidi said...

what a neat find!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Mr Fox and Mrs PB say thank you very very much for blogging them!!!

Vive La Fox!

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