Sunday, March 29, 2009

trip to the nursery

I finally got to the nursery today. Don't you think it is sweet how they call the place where you go to buy young plants and seeds a nursery? I also got to a place to get a few cut flowers, as well.

My living room is normally always dressed for autumn. We are alike this way. The walls are maroon and the furniture is all dark wood. The other colors are burnt orange, winter white, forest green and brown.

So, it is kind of a challenge to try and lighten it up when spring comes and I start craving brighter colors. Today I got to get it all taken care of with a few plants and by pulling out some pieces I had put away last fall.

Here are some images. There are more on my flickr.

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sarah said...

i love this! i love that you always use that table for pretty seasonal displays! and that squirrel planter thing is too cute! i am the killer of all plants, but let me know how the succulents go for you! i have hope that they might be something i could enjoy and not kill. :)

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