Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today I went to a meeting of the Portland Postcard Club that I am a part of. I haven't been to a meeting in a long time. It is great fun. Some people get tables and sell their stuff, others come and buy. Many of the people there are senior citizens and they have been collecting and even in the club for years.

I love hearing what people collect. Today someone mentioned that they look for postcards with sayings by a certain person who was a innkeeper. Not sure why, maybe he is related. Another person looks for real photos with ice cream signs in them. Really, it is fascinating how defined the search becomes over time. Me, I pretty much am open to lots of stuff, but I do certainly gravitate towards certain things.

Anyway, I got some great stuff today. I will write about much of it on The Cedar Chest blog and some will get listed in The Cedar Chest store. So, if you like ephemera and vintage postcards I hope you will add those sites to your lists.

So, even though this is more something I would post on The Cedar Chest I wanted to share it with you all. This is my favorite find from today:

1889! Can you imagine? This little complimentary dance card survived all of these 120 years! Maybe Fred met someone there. But, wait, if he used it it would probably not be here. Unless he asked to keep it. Maybe the ticket keeper kept it for sentimental reasons...Anyway, who knows. I have always wanted to go to a Dancing Pavilion, like orchestra style.

My window is open and it is a nice breezy and sunny late afternoon here. The neighbors the next street over are playing the best music and I don't know what it is, but it is very pleasant and kind of melancholy (this is when that shazam app would be great).

Along with the music I hear the crowd sounds and laughter of their gathering, a dog barking, sirens in the distance, the soft sound of the leaves moving in the wind, a car passing. I wish I had good recording equipment so I could do "field recording". I have always loved those.

Since I can't give you a recording of what I am hearing right now I am going to lead you to this field recording of a street party in Germany. Open a new window with this link and take a listen while you keep reading.

On the way home for the Postcard Club I stopped at the Old Country German store and got some genuine German Potato salad for the mister and some stuff for a nice german dinner for us. The real German Potato salad has meat in it. Being a pescatarian, I only make him the veggie version, so he should be very happy.

While there I was charmed into getting this pack of spaetzle noodles.

Don't you just love the name and design? I love Bavarian designs. Even more since we went to Leavenworth, WA a couple years ago. Going into the German Delis and stores in town always feels like being back there. I have never made spaetzle and I am not even sure I have eaten it.

Well, time to go spend a nice mellow evening with the mister. Thanks for listening to my stories.

I hope you all have a good rest of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!

krissy said...

Zacery, of what? That I am a ephemera nerd and I can buy german food? :-)

Anonymous said...

That you get to go to all these awesome things and pick up amazing bits of "ephemera" (what a lovely word that is), I'm a bit of a nerd for that stuff too :D

krissy said...

Maybe there is something like that in your town. I am guessing if there is it is mostly older people and may not be posted online. Also, Estate sales are good places to find that kind of stuff. Good Luck!

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