Tuesday, September 15, 2009

stay gold

Golden Girls Season 1 on DVD = $10.49

"Miami, You've Got Style" A Little Golden Girls Book = $7.00

Reading the book along with each episode = priceless

Unfortunately, the pics in the book are not in color like these samples from the website, but if you are watching them or familiar with the show it isn't that big a deal.

Totally fun to read this as I watch the show. I am taking my time doing it and am about halfway through.

The authors are two very funny Portland guys who sold out of this zine/book at the last zine symposium. Not only do you get comments on GG outfits and characters, but you find out quite a bit about them, too, along with generous references to Portland culture, Harry Potter, Star Trek and lots of other geeky things.

Get the book
(and the dvd). It is like gathering around a totally too small table and eating cheesecake with your best friends.

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